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The prophecies of the Lord’s coming have been fulfilled, but we haven’t seen any believer be taken up into heaven. The Lord is faithful, so He will certainly come back to receive us in the last days. When Will the Rapture Happen? How Can We Be Raptured? Click to read and you can find the answer.

bible study | when will the rapture occur

Answer: We should hope for the Lord’s return based on the prophecies that He Himself spoke. That is the most standard way of waiting for the Lord’s return. Who are you quoting, really? Are you quoting the Lord’s words or the words of men…

What is salvation? How to get eternal salvation? Understanding this problem is directly related to whether we can be saved and enter the kingdom of heaven. But what kind of people can gain God’s salvation? Read this article for the details.

bible study | What Kind of People Can Gain God’s Salvation?

By Chenwei

On the morning of Sunday, it was sunny. Flowers in the courtyard emitted a beautiful, strong smell. The voices of prayers were coming from brothers and sisters in the meeting place, “Our Father which are in heaven, Hallowed be your name. Your kingdom come, Your will be done in earth, as it is in heaven. … Amen.”

How can we establish a good personal relationship with God? Devotional plans are a great way to build your faith and connect on a daily basis with God. The sermon about relationship with God tells us four principles and will help us gain God’s approval.

bible study | The 4 Principles of Establishing a Personal Relationship With God

By Jingnian, the United States

God says: “To build a good relationship with God is a top priority for anyone believing in God; everyone should treat it as the most important task and as their major life event” (“How Is Your Relationship With God?”). We can see from God’s words that establishing a normal relationship…

Disasters are greater and greater. Why have we yet to be raptured before tribulation? When will the rapture happen? Every Christian eagerly anticipating the second coming of the Lord Jesus is waiting for being caught up into the air to meet the Lord. Is it after the Lord’s heart? This article has the answers.

By Xiaojin

In a hot afternoon, cicadas were shrilling unceasingly among the trees. Scorched by the heat, the trees and flowers at the roadside held their heads down listlessly.

In a residential block, Wang Na forced herself to stay awake and continued, “The Bible says, ‘Then…

Bible prophecies are being fulfilled. If you are yearning for the Lord’s return, you must hope to know the information of the return of the Lord Jesus Christ. When the Lord Jesus comes again, how will He appear to us? Want to learn more The Mystery of the Lord’s Return? Please watch this video.

2021 Christian Testimony Video | “The Mystery of the Lord’s Return” | Gospel Testimony

The main character is a co-worker in her church who has believed in the Lord for years and has been eagerly awaiting the Lord’s return. Her pastor often says that when the Lord returns, He will appear on a cloud in His spiritual form, and…

Welcoming jesus comes again, ​It Is Essential to Discern the Substance of the Pharisees, How should Christians discern modern-day Pharisees in the church to avoid being deceived and follow God’s footsteps? Please Read now.

By Fangxia, Brazil

Pastors Were the People I Respected Most

“Hey, Sister Fang, a pastor from outside the town is here to preach to us, are you coming to hear it?”

“Of course I’m coming. I always go when pastors come to preach.”

In my heart, pastors and elders had always been the people I respected and worshiped most, because in the Bible it says…

The prophecies of the Lord’s return have largely been fulfilled. When the Lord Jesus comes again, how will He appear to us? Why does God appear and work in China in the last days instead of in Israel? What is the significance of God choosing such a location for His work? This article will tell you the answers.

bible study | This Is the Significance of God Appearing and Working in China

By Chen Hui

The breeze of spring gently blew. Zhong Hui sat at her desk holding the Bible, deep in thought: “Nowadays disasters are growing ever worse, the world is in a state of constant upheaval and turmoil with wars on the…

The prophecies of the Lord’s return have largely been fulfilled. When the Lord Jesus comes again, how will He appear to us? She yearned for the Lord’s return, but she was afraid to be deceived. Afterward, from God’s word she had a clearer understanding of the difference between the true Christ and false Christs, thus letting her guard down and welcoming the returned Lord Jesus.

bible study | I Can Distinguish the True Christ From False Ones

By Chen Jin

After I believed in the Lord, when I was among the brothers and sisters, we loved and helped each other like we were a big family. I felt particularly warm inside, as…

We must make true prayers to be heard by God and gain His enlightenment and guidance. How do Christians pray to God to be after God’s heart? Grasp 4 elements, our prayers will gain God’s approval!

bible study | pray to God

By Yang Yang

Every brother and sister knows that prayer is a way by which we communicate with God. Therefore, apart from in the morning and evening, we also pray before and after meals, at gatherings, on the Sabbath, and so on. However, how exactly should we pray so that our prayers can be accepted by God and conform to His will? Each brother…

Do you worry that there’s no way to be free of sins? We believe in the Lord but still repeat the same sin. Can we gain God’s everlasting forgiveness? How can we stop repeating sins and enter the heavenly kingdom? This article will tell you the root of sin and help you find the way to be free of sins.

bible study | I Have Found the Path to Be Cleansed of Corruption

By Cao Xin, the United States

Since I was little, I followed my mother in believing in the Lord. As I was growing up, I came to know that the Lord Jesus was crucified to redeem us humanity of our…

Tuzi M

My ears had heard of you but now my eyes have seen you.( Job 42:5 )

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