I Welcomed the Lord’s Return (II)

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Christian testimony: I Welcomed the Lord (part 2)

Afterward, the brother fellowshiped with us about the truths of the origin of the Bible, the mystery of incarnation, the inside story of three stages of work, the meaning of God’s names, and other aspects. His fellowship was well-grounded and very clear. I thought: The Lord must have returned. Otherwise, how could the brother know so many mysteries? Thank God! By His grace, I welcomed the Lord.

Satan’s Disturbance

One day, I came over to my sister’s with my child and then I asked her whether she knew Eastern Lightning. She stared at me keenly, saying, “I’m telling you. Don’t believe in Eastern Lightning.” And then she said much negative information about it. I said in a tone of anger, “Sister, you should find out about everything before speaking. Don’t follow the herd. You haven’t investigated The Church of Almighty God but blindly judge it. Is it right? We Christians should have a heart that reveres God.” She replied angrily, “I’m reminding you for your good, lest you take the wrong path. You can see for yourself on the Internet.” Her words aroused my curiosity. I thought: Is it really like what she said? I will check it out. And then I searched on the internet and saw many rumors. In particular I saw the May 28 Murder Case in a McDonald’s in Zhaoyuan, Shandong. After seeing it, I was very frightened and became a little wavering. I thought to myself: Are these real? Is the way true or not? What if it is wrong? However, when I recalled the small details of gatherings with the brothers and sisters — everybody was kind and I gained a lot in each meeting — I didn’t want to give up this way. At that moment, there was a fierce battle in my heart. I was afraid of being deceived and took the wrong way, yet I was also afraid of missing the opportunity to welcome the Lord. Therefore, I called my classmate and told her this matter, wanting to find the brother and figure it out.

The Truth Came Out

During the meeting, the brother played for us two videos: “Jia Chunwang Ordered Siege on The Church of Almighty God. Project 807 Caused the Purported McDonald’s Murder” presented by MingjingLive, and “The Truth Exposed Behind the May 28 Zhaoyuan Case,” which allowed me to have some discernment of the rumors online. Then the brother fellowshiped, “The defendants of the Zhaoyuan case of Shandong clearly stated in court that what the state had been cracking down on was not the ‘Almighty God’ that they believed in and that they never had contact with The Church of Almighty God. They themselves didn’t admit they belonged to The Church of Almighty God, but the CCP judges openly contradicted the fact and ruled that these suspects were the followers of The Church of Almighty God. They brazenly framed and blamed The Church of Almighty God for this case. Wasn’t it twisting fact and framing, defaming The Church of Almighty God on purpose?” “Yes, it was.” We replied in chorus. The brother went on saying, “Then why did the CCP do this? What was its purpose? As we all know, the CCP is an atheist party. Since it gained power, it has been frantically suppressing and banning Christianity, Catholicism and other forms of religion. It has labelled Christianity and Catholicism the evil cult and the Holy Bible as the work of an evil cult, confiscating and destroying innumerable copies of the Bible and arresting countless Christians. Now, Almighty God has become flesh and delivered utterances of millions of words. People in all denominations who love the truth and yearn for light, after reading the words of Almighty God, all confirm God’s word is the truth and that Almighty God is the appearance of the Christ of the Last Days, so they have one after another accepted the work of Almighty God in the last days. In recent years, the gospel of the kingdom of Almighty God has spread to many foreign countries and regions. The word of Almighty God is being spread and witnessed by more and more people. The rapid development of The Church of Almighty God has caused the CCP to panic. It fears that after people read God’s word and understand the truth, they will see through its demonic essence and reject it from heart. Therefore, in order to protect its dictatorial regime and turn China into an atheist state, it framed and blamed The Church of Almighty God for Shandong Zhaoyuan Case and wanted to build up public opinion for it to ban The Church of Almighty God. From this we can see the CCP is the devil Satan, the enemy of God.”

One sister said, “That’s right. Concealment and deception are impermanent, and dark clouds cannot block the sunlight. Lies are always lies and they will never turn into the truth.” My classmate also said, “Yes. For so many years, the CCP has become increasingly notorious for its deceits and frauds. The cases adjudicated by the CCP’s courts are not to be trusted.” After seeing clearly the true facts, I felt very indignant. The CCP is too evil, too detestable, and it is capable of any low-down tricks. Meanwhile, I realized that I was so foolish and ignorant, and had no discernment that I almost fell into Satan’s scheme. The brother said, “Sister, this isn’t a bad thing. Through these rumors, we can understand some truths and have some discernment of the CCP. This is a harvest. Thanks be to God.”

Rejoicing at the Lord’s Coming

After experiencing the disturbances of the rumors, I had some knowledge of the nature and essence of the CCP resisting and hating God and saw through the CCP’s sinister intentions of creating rumors. I was not deceived by rumors any longer and returned to God again. From then on, as long as I had time, I would read God’s words and have meetings and fellowship the truth with my brothers and sisters. I was completely sure that Almighty God is the second coming of the Lord Jesus. I no longer felt empty and lonely or lived in the degenerate, decadent life of watching soap operas. I, a lost sheep, finally welcomed the Lord and returned to God’s family. Afterward, I spread the gospel to my husband, and he also returned to God’s family. Now, we have meetings, fellowship God’s words, and fulfill the duty of spreading the gospel together. I enjoy an earnestness and peace and joy in my heart I have never felt before. Thanks be to God!

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